Keep your Loyalty Card with you at all times. With the Passion Loyalty app you can have your card with you whenever you need it.

Easily access your personalised card

Scan your card at the cashier to earn points

Earn rewards with every purchase


All your transaction in one place.

View all your latest transactions.

Check how many points and cash back you earned from each transaction

Check your transaction details like items, quantity and price per item.


Your card status. View your card level and upgrade status.

View all your upgrade transactions and gained points.

Check your current status and how many points you need for your next upgrade.

Check how many points you need to secure your current level.


Three card levels of four loyal customers. Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Check what our App can do for you.

Virtual Loyalty Card

Keep your card with you at all times.

Card Status

Check your card status, expiry date, points and available rewards right from the app.


View all your transactions and past purchases.

Tier Level

View the status of your Tier and your remaining points till the next available level.

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Enrol to our Loyalty Scheme in one of our shops and download our free app in order to gain access to all the features of our Loyalty program.

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